Drink factory production

Drinking water and beverage manufacturing requires high quality and safe water input.

We all know that hard water is the enemy of good coffee – it can make coffee taste heavy, chalky, and dull, and will wreak havoc with your equipment too. Ion exchange water resins are the most common method for producing purified and softer water – they are inexpensive method for improving a home’s water quality and preventing costly plumbing repairs.

Water softeners are low-maintenance, and the cation resin has a working life of seven to 10 years before replacement is required. And the most basic versions can even be ‘regenerated’ and used again.

We offer a range of ion exchange resin products ideally suited for use in the food and drink industry.  Generally speaking, the processes involved one or more undesirable ionic ingredients are removed from water to achieve purification, decolorization, recovery or separation. The major application of ion exchange in this area is removing excessive proteins, controlling acidity, improving colour value.

In food and beverage industry, ion exchange resins are used for various applications as listed below:

  • Softening
  • Deionisation
  • Deacidification
  • Decolourisation
  • Removal of unwanted odours
  • Purification
  • Chromatographic separations
  • Recovery of valued products and subsequent elution
  • Removal of pesticides and patulin
  • Removal of heavy metals
  • Bitterness removal in citrus such as limonin
  • Adjusting Brix/Acid Ratio in juices

Pure water preparation